RennAire LLC  
                          automotive air conditioning design and sales

     We test each of our products on our own cars and stand behind every component we make.   

    RennAire High Efficiency Serpentine Evaporator

  • A direct drop-in replacement for the stock unit.  Fittings line up precisely.

  • Our evaporator comes with a new Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV).

  • For PORSCHE  911 up to 1989 (includes flare adapters for early cars).

Hi-Eff Evaporator $299

ProCooler Kit

  • Patented refrigerated receiver/drier lowers vent temperature up to 20 and reduces operating pressure by cooling the high side like another condenser.

  • Replaces the factory receiver/drier in the wheel well and requires no modifications to your automobile.

  • Includes all necessary installation hardware.

ProCooler Kit $299 

RennAire Barrier Hose Kit

  • Our barrier hoses are state of the art reduced diameter.

  • Easy to DIY install.  

  • Save at least 10 lbs. over stock hoses.

  • Corrosion proof aluminum fittings.

Barrier Hose Kit $399

Sanden 507 Compressor

Adaptor plate required.  We recommend the RennAire lightweight Aluminum Bracket Kit (sold separately)


  • The most popular upgrade compressor (and our favorite) for the 911.

  • The Sanden 507 is small, durable, and more efficient than the stock units. 



Sanden 507 Kit  $299